ESI’s owners have been in the employment and training business serving CETA, JTPA and WIA agencies since 1979. During that period we delivered over 300 contracts successfully without a single audit exception, failed contract or request for the return of any funds.  The company’s philosophy during that entire time period is that training should be competency-based, and measured by the ability of the trainees to APPLY the skills.

Today, the company offers training services primarily in two areas: 1) the workforce development area that prepares trainees for the demands of the workforce; and 2) training assistance that helps trainees secure academic credentials, from the high school level through post-secondary levels.

In the workforce development area, the owners of ESI have designed and delivered employment and training programs to well over 30,000 CETA, JTPA and WIA clients.  Program grants typically ranged from $50,000 to $350,000, with some over a million dollars. All DOL programs were audited, and since starting in 1980 there has never been a single audit exception.

In the academic credential area, the owners have designed and delivered GED® test preparation for the National Guard and also for the foster care population. Even with this wide disparity in background, the programs have succeeded with over 70% of the dropouts served going on to achieve their GED® credential. The company’s most recent program, the TEN Plan, helps older students identify work experiences and prior learning knowledge that can be documented, submitted to an educational institution for consideration and then result in securing a significant number of academic credits. This program is being delivered as a capacity-building program for workforce agencies to prepare their own staff in the process as they case manage people looking for employment assistance.

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