How does your employment training program stack up against your competition?

Winning the bid….earning top points with outstanding proposals.   For the first time, have access to a private one-on-one, with professionals who have competitively and successfully won over 50 million in contracts with Federal and State.

Building your proposals to win with “Know your weakness, Flaunt your strengths” private workshops.

Know Your Weakness, Flaunt Your Strengths Workshop

  • Agency Evaluation
  • Proposal Evaluation
  • Strategic proposal support
  • Audit
  • Follow up report for advancing your chances of winning proposals

Contact us today and get started having professional assistance in evaluating and writing your proposals, so you win!

Email Patrick Higgs,, or call 321-258-8110.

Competition is high, hours are spent on developing and submitting proposals.  With our one-on-one workshops, we will personally evaluate and strengthen you proposals, so they get noticed.

One-on-One private workshops for evaluating your proposals flat fee schedule:

Proposals $0.00 – $500,000
Proposals $501,000 – 2 Million
Proposals 2 Million +

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